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  • At this time, we do not offer POP3, IMAP or Automatic Forwarding of email for mobile devices such as phones, tablets, iPods and Kindles. You must access your account via the web interface.

    Please note: The email program does not support the operating systems for phones, tablets and other mobile devices. While you are welcome to try accessing your account using these devices, we cannot guarantee full functionality.

  • At this time, we do not offer POP3, IMAP or Automatic Forwarding of email. You must access your account via the web interface.

    Our Email program supports the following Operating Systems:

    - Microsoft Windows XP, 7
    - Microsoft Vista
    - Macintosh OS X / Linux

    And the following browsers:

    - Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ (PC)
    - Mozilla Firefox 3.0+ (PC / Mac)
    - Safari Version 3.0+ (PC/Mac)

    If you are not using one of these OS/browser combinations, you may be unable to access or fully utilize our Email program.

  • You can set your Trash to automatically empty at the interval of your choice. To access these settings, please follow these steps:

    - Click the "Preferences" link in the upper right corner of the screen

    - Under the Email heading, click the "General Settings" link

    - Scroll down to the "Cleanup" section and select the interval of choice from the drop-down menu

    - When you have finished, click the "Save" button in the upper left corner of the settings window.

    Please note: For this feature to function as intended, you must use the "Log out" link in the upper right corner of the email screen rather than closing the browser window.

  • As noted in our Terms of Service, email accounts that have not been accessed for more than 60 days may be deactivated.  After an additional 30 days of inactivity, the email account and its contents are permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved. 

    Please remember to access your email at least once every 60 days to prevent this from occurring in the future.


  • To sign into your Excite email account from your personalized Start page, simply click on the "Email" link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This will bring you to the Excite email log-in page, where your Member name will already be entered. Simply input your password and select the "Sign In!" option to access your Excite email account.

    If you are not signed into your Excite member account, you will be prompted to sign into a valid member account prior to signing into your email account.

  • ** If you have a firewall or similar security program, such as Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security, or similar products, this may be causing the situation you are experiencing. We recommend temporarily disabling this software and trying the desired action again. You should be able to reactivate your security software after the login process has completed.

    ** If you have recently installed any security or privacy software such as Spy Sweeper, Spy Blaster, or Spy Blocker, it is possible that it may be causing the problem you are experiencing. In order to sign in to Excite mail, 'cookies' need to be enabled and you must allow Excite to set the sign in cookie. Please go to your privacy or security software settings and make sure that cookies for '' are not being blocked. Sometimes, these types of programs can add '' or other Web sites to your browser automatically.

    Please follow the directions below to see if this has been added to your browser:

    For Internet Explorer:

    - Click on 'Tools' on Internet Explorer

    - Click on 'Internet Options'

    - Then click on 'Privacy Tab'

    - Next click the 'Sites' button.

    - Under 'Managed Web sites', make sure '' is not entered. If so, please remove it.

    For Firefox (Older versions only):

    - Click on 'Tools' on Firefox.

    - Click on 'Options.'

    - Next click on the 'Privacy' icon.

    - Then click 'Cookies.'

    - Under 'Exceptions', make sure the '' is not entered. If so, please remove it.Once you have made any needed adjustments, please close and then reopen your Internet browser. Depending on the software you are using, the list of blocked cookies may appear in that software application as well. You will need to check the setting for any privacy or security software you're using.

    ** For System Requirements, please click here.

    If you continue to experience a problem signing in to your email account, please click the 'Report Site Issue' link on the right. Please provide your Member Name and an alternate email address at which we can reach you.


  • To view your entire email message, double click the subject line of the email and the whole message will open in a new window.